Saturday, January 23, 2010

unplanned and unrated. a night in cumland

what a random night! at first I wasnt up for anything.. I just got out of class, and I was tired.. but my fuckbud texted me and asked if i was around.. of course I wanted his fat cock and his load.. it had been way too long. So i got home and got ready for him. He was late for dinner with his friends.. so it was going ot be a quick pump and dump... I left the door unlocked... and buzzed him in the main door the the apt building. He let himself in.. walk straight to my room and fucked the hell out of me.. I secretly recorded it on my laptop :)

Then after my fuckbud left.. I was done.. He got me off and i shot a HUGE load! I made me something to eat.. and sat down to catch up on my tv shows... well, I was sitting there.. with a fresh load deep in my ass.. when a friend of mine called me.. Hes a hot latin guy with a nice fat uncut cock.. stocky build .. very sexy.. we chat online a lot and text back and forth.. we met once at a bar once.. and made out .. well, out of the blue he called me and asked what i was doing.. said he was in my area and wanted to stop by.. Hell yea i told him.. so a few mins later hes knocking on my door... I weclome him in my apt.. we sit down and chat for a bit.. then he grabs his crotch and starts to rub it.. I bring him to my room and get on my knees.. he strips down pulls out his beautiful uncut cock and I swallow it all down... he grabs my head and forces me to take it all.. shoving it down my throat.. He knows im poz.. and hes not.. so we didn't really fuck.. but he still wanted to me to have his hot load... I wanted it on my hole.. so after a while of sucking he gets close and tells me to stand up and bend over the bed.. he grunts a few times and shot a huge load all over my hole and my back.. ahhh, it felt so good.. feeling that warm jizz running down my hole.. down my balls... then when i think hes finished.. out of no where he shoves his cock in me.. pushing his cum inside me :) .. he gives it a quick pump and pulls out.. i whip around to lick it clean :)

After he leaves.. im really horny again... I get online to see who is on.. nothing... so im just laying there on the sofa.. watching jersey shore... (another guilty pleasure) :P and i get a text from Armond.. a guy i met at the sex club a while back. fucking stud! great body.. shaved head.. big arms.. tats.. and a nice thick uncut cock.... he asked what im doing, and tells me to come meet him and the new sex club that just opened.. i. he says he will pay my way.. so i hop in the car.

He meets me at the door... he had been partying some.. we make our way to the back of the club.. there are about 20 or so guys there.. but all young and HOT. I was VERY surprised.. we head straight for the sling.. i strip down and suck him for a few.. then get up in the sling and he goes at it... the sound of me moaning and the chains on the sling was like a mating call.. within mins all the guys in the club were gathered around us.. watching with their hard cock pointing at me... Armond pulled out.. and another guy went in.. he came in me , and aother took his place.. i swear it was like a scene from a hot T.I M . porn. I had a cock in my mouth and my ass ... one by one each guy walked up and fucked me.. most came in me.. some just wanted to feel the other guys cum in my hole. Most were young, hung and full of cum! HA! :) it was so hot to look around and see all these hot guys waiting to fuck me.. after about 30 mins of me getting gang banged they all dispersed..I lost count of how many loads I got ... i hoped out the sling, cum dripping out of my ass... and Armond took me to a private room and we do some G. I dont do much.. I have never really liked the stuff.. then his vers/btm friend meets us there. Me and his friend are on our knees sucking on Armonds cock in the middle of the hallway.. this attracts a lot of attention.. one by one a small group gathers and me and the friend are surrounded by cock.. so we suck.. and suck and suck :) then we pick out two hot guys to join us in a private room.. so its me , Armond, the friend and the two guys.. the two guys and Armond take turns on me and the friend.. that was a hot time.. fucking and sucking and eating ass.. so hot.

So its about 3am.. im tired.. ready to cum.. Armond gave me his load for the 3rd time then he leaves..... so it was just me and the friend.. laying there in the bed.. making out.. and the door opens.. this hot latin guy walks in.. pulls out this HUGE cock.. hard as a rock.. YES!! this is gonna be fun! we both turn around.. ass up face down.. he fucks the friend first .. then fucks me.. pushes me down and shoves his giant cock inside me.. then pulls out and flips me over.. the friend grabs my legs and this guy pounds my hole like crazy.. i pull it open for him, and he goes deep... harder and harder.. im almost in tears at this point.. but i take it like a man, jacking my own cock ... just as he cums I shoot my load hard! the friend quickly bends down and slurps up my load .. the guy pulls out of my hole and forces me to swallow his cock , (I said it b4 and I will say it again.. I LOVE the taste of a cum covered cock ;) .. then the friend spins me around and eats my hole.. that does it for him.. he shoots spraying my hole.. then shoves it in me.

after this im so tired.. I get dressed and make my way out of the club... I walk to my car.. just as im about to open the car door.. a black SUV pulls up next to me.. the window rolls down and this really hot black guy asked me where the sex club was at.. I point to it.. but told him it was about to close... he said damn.. I need to get my dick off.. then he asked if i could help him.. thinking with my dick again.. I say sure!!! and walk around the front of the suv.. he unlocks the passenger door i get in.. and sit in the seat.. and DAMN there it is.. a big black snake .. flopped over his leg.. I dive face first trying to swallow it all.. im barely able to get half of it in my mouth then he tells me to get in the back seat.. he wants to fuck me.. so i climb back there.. he cums up behind me.. and slaps his big meat on my freshly fucked hole.. then spits and shoves.. OMG was all i could say.. I tense up some but he forces me to take it.. pounding my ass harder and harder.... it didnt take him long to cum. He pushed deep forcing his load and all the others deeper in my guts.. what a way to top off a great night :) .. I couldnt wait to get home and climb in my nice warm bed. AFTER showering of course.. but still keeping some cum in me.
Load count for the night.. AT LEAST 25, maybe more. I lost count...


  1. What a Hot Fuckin Night! Would have loved to added my load in the mix.

  2. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK you are the CHAMP!!!!!!!! DAMN man can't wait to get back to Atlanta!! -Dan

  3. This made my cock reall hard! great blog ;)

  4. Filthy bottoms like you make it possible for TOPS like me to explore the infinite possibilities of fucking.

    (Still quivering a bit...)I literally JUST came in my shorts near the story's end...hands-free and beyond my control.


  5. I love it how slutty bottom white men crave black dicks breeding their hot holes.

  6. hot man, which sex club is this? need to hit it with my boys.