Friday, January 1, 2010

Home for the holidays.

So, here goes. My first blog.. how exciting! I have been reading a lot of hot blogs for while now and I decided its time for one of my own. Here is a little bit about me.. at first glance im just an innocent 23 yo going to school and working my ass off. Only at a closer look will you see the cum stains in the ass of my jeans. I have been getting my ass fucked and filled since I was 15, so needless to say I have some experience with load taking. I hope you enjoy my crazy cum filled blogs.

My most recent load taking was this past weekend. I was home for the holidays and we all know how sexually frustrated one can get... being around family for 5 days.. and jacking off in the shower just wasn't doing it for me. I decided to visit a local bathhouse on my last night home. I get online check the sites.. post an ad( just to see if I get any responses from guys who will be there at the bh).. and a few hours later I'm walking up to the front door of the bh. I get a locker strip my clothes and head for the sling. within 15 mins of me getting there I have my first hot load of man juice deep in my guts. Was from big beefy guy with a nice size cock. I walk around with my ass hanging out of my towel cruising the halls. I check out the darkroom.. and get in the sling there.. minutes later a group of guys are surrounding me.. it was dark so i could only make out their outlines. I took 6 cocks there and 4 hot loads. There is something really hot about laying there in the dark, taking cock and cum and not being able to see who it is.. just the feel of a rock hard dick slamming my hole.. after about 2o mins of hot anonymous fucking the guys disburse and I get up and walk the halls a bit more.. I turn the corner and this big black muscle daddy is standing there.. I can see a nice size cock under his white towel. He opens the door to his room, i follow of course... then out of no where he puts his huge arm around my neck and starts to squeeze.. i try to fight back but im no match for this 6'3 240 lb black man.. he pushes me to the bed and releases me from his muscled arm.. i gasp for air and try to turn around to look at him.. he pushes face first into the pillow.. and demands i pull my ass cheeks apart.. i do as im told.. he then spits and shoves... after being fucked 5 or 6 times before this ... my hole is kinda open.. but when he shoves this huge man meat in me.. i scream!! it really hurts at first.. but i just tell myself to take it.. i do a hit of poppers and finally the pain melts away. It was like a rape scene .. he used me and didnt care if I was in pain or not.. he flipped me over on my back so he could spit in my face.. slamming his dick harder and deeper in me. Finally he shot his load.. he pushed really hard that time. I felt the head of his cock flare out and shoot, and shoot, and shoot.. like 6 or 7 times.. i felt it fill me. He pulled out and made me clean his cock with my tongue .... ah, the sweet taste of cum.. his and all the other loads that he fucked out of me.. I swear his cock had to be 11in maybe 11.5 .. and beer can thick... After that crazy fuck I went back to the sling and got another load, couldn't see what he looked like but damn his dick hit the spot.. Now its about 4am and i have a 30 min drive back to my parents and a flight at 9am.. its time to go..but i drove home and went to bed nice and full :)


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  2. Having sampled this spectacular ass, I can tell you this kid is one hot fucker! Can't wait to read more!! -Dan

  3. can't wait to read more of your adventures!