Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fill or be filled! :)

Hey guys! Sorry its been a while since my last post. I have been " dating " someone for the past few weeks.. things are getting serious now.. but I have a feeling he is just as big of a pig as I am. :D We have had sex and its "good" ...room for improvement i guess.. He is also poz so there is no condom problems. He shoots MASSIVE loads and loves to fill me up. His cock is average and he knows how to work it. We talked about checking out a sex club later down the line :)

Anyways i was really craving cock last night and the bf isn't around during the week. So, I hit up one of my FAVORITE fuckbuds. His cock is as big a round as a beer can.. and maybe 8.5 inches long? . He fucked me a while back at Eros. He was home last night so I stopped by and got my hole tore to pieces! He had porn playing and a fresh bottle of poppers on the bed. I sucked his fat cock for a few mins.. not able to take the whole thing down.. he forced me to choke on it. Then he ordered me to bend over the bed.. and he said it was his turn to do a little oral work on me. I spread my cheeks apart and he munched on my hole like it was his last meal. OMG it felt so good... Then he lubed up and told me to take a big hit of poppers.. I knew what was about to happen :) then I felt the head of his fat cock rub my freshly slobbed hole. He slowly inched his way in.. I felt the pop .. then without warning he pushed it all the way in balls deep.. I gasped as the pain shot up my lower back... but it quickly melted away as I did another big hit of poppers... He knew what i wanted. He ravaged my hole for over an hour.. stopping only once b/c he got close and didnt want to cum just yet. I was pouring pre-cum begging him to seed my hole.. finally he filled me up.. spraying my insides with his charged load. He grunted a few times then fell on top of me.... laying there with his cock inside me he whispered in my ear.. " U like daddies seed deep inside you boy? " after a few mins of chatting.. I got dressed and headed out.

I made my way to the porn store :) The parking lot was packed, so i had a good feeling deep in my hole ;) I walked in the downstairs where the video booths are located.. it was dark and full of men. good for a monday night. I made my way around the place.. checking out the guys.. my first stop was the middle booths with the holes on either side. I have taken so many cocks in that booth. . . last night was no different. I sucked a few and swallowed a lot of cum. After that I walked around some more .. I ran into my friend Armond. the HOT latin guy with the big uncut cock .. the one from the sex club in my last post.. He pulled me into another booth and I quickly had his cock out.. slurping it down. Then he turned me around and bent me over... and shoved it in.. He must have felt the load I had in me b/c he asked how many loads I had up there. That turned him on .. and he pulled out and made me suck him some.. I tasted the load and it made my dick hard. He turned me around again, and pushed his dick back in me... then another dick came poking out of the hole.. like snake flaring up at me.. I swallowed it down.. its so hot to have an anonymous cock in my mouth and another hot cock in my ass.. after a few mins of Armond pounding my hole.. he shot his big load deep in me.. SO hot.

After that he left and I did my rounds again...I found a HOT mans man, really butch, and rugged. Had a nice hairy chest and big low hangin nuts and a fat cock. It didnt take long for him to have me bent over, fucking the hell out of me... churning those other loads deeper inside me. He kept calling me his boy.. telling me to take his daddy cock... I begged for it.. begging for his load turned him on obviously b/c he shot right then. Grunting like bull as he filled my hole. Then he pulled out , zipped up and walked out the booth.

My hole at that point was getting a little sore.. and I walked around for anther 20mins or so.. and found nothing... so i figured it was time to go... as i was walking towards the exit.. I passed this HOT young white guy... kinda twinkish.. ( im not big on twinks) however i have a thing for blonde hair and blue eyes.. there was something SO sexy about this guy.. he turned around and smiled.. so i said what the hell.. and followed.. he lead me into a booth where he was on his knees ready to suck my cock. I fed it to him.. I got rough at times, making him take it all the way down.. I love hearing a guy choke on my dick. This got me so turned on I was ready to fuck him. ( Now, I do love a to btm.. its what I do best.. BUT, when there is a sweet hole staring me in the face... im NOT going to turn it down. I do have the equipment for the job and I can be vers at times.) So I pulled him up.. made out for a sec then bent him over and ate his sweet hole.... He had to have been maybe 21? if not younger.. his hole was smooth and tight... I tongue fucked it and slobbered all over it. he moaned like a little bitch... my cock was rock hard.. I stood up and slowly teased his hole with my cock... thinking he would pull away and try to put a condom on me.. but to my surprise he told me to shove it in.. so .. .i did :) I didnt take it easy... I pushed my cock all the way in... I fucked him like I like to be fucked.. HARD. He told me not to cum inside him.. :-/ I said ok i wont.. so, I fucked him a little more.. then I felt myself getting close... I tried not to make it obvious that I was about to fill him up with my seed... so i bit my lip and kept fucking... It felt so good, I let out a grunt and flooded his hole with my poz load... I think he felt it b/c he tried to pull away but I forced myself deeper inside him.. pulling him closer and fucking him just a little bit harder... He turned his head and asked if i had came.. I said yea.. im sorry dude.. i could couldn't help it.. ur ass is just so damn hot! He pulled away and my semi hard dick popped out.. with it some of my cum dribbled out :) I pulled up my pants and walked out the booth b4 he could say anything... I Headed home to call my bf and get a great nights sleep. :) until next time! fill or be filled!