Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh what a night!!!!

Thursday night i went to the sex club... got a total of 9 loads. Not my best.. but good for a Thursday night. Unfortunately i couldn't get pics or vid.. the place was dark.. and my damn iPhone doesn't have a flash. Anyways, I got there around 1030 ish ... maybe 11. It was college night.. so i got in for $5 :) saving money is always a plus. It was early.. not many guys there.. but I was planing on staying for a while.. If i had to, i could leave and cum back.. I was planing on going to the bookstore to see what i could find there...but i never made it. So, I walk in and the first guy i see is a buddy from online.. he fucked me once when Adam whored me out.. like a year ago.. and OMG his dick, his dick!!!! Hes a tall guy.. white.. average looking.. middle age man.. but his cock is .. wow.. 9 inches.. and the thickest cock i have EVER taken.. thicker than a beer can.. so he is the first guy to fuck me.. and does he ever! he opened my hole up and got me ready for the rest of the night. we fucked for about 30 mins or so.. first I was on all fours.. then he pushed me down on my stomach.. i worked my ass on his big fat cock.. slamming my hole on it.. milking it.. My hole sucked the cum right out of him.. and it was a HUGE load.. I was leaking!! then i wondered into the darkroom... It can be my favorite place.. then again sometimes it sucks.. but tonight .. it was HOT. I sucked a few cocks.. and took 2 loads there... I was bent over the bench with my ass in the air.. the first guy came up. Felt my ass.. stuck a few fingers in my loaded hole.. then suck those fingers in my mouth and made me taste my buddies cum. soo hot. then he shoved his cock in me.. pumping my hole. after a few mins he blows and goes.. then i get up and go wonder around.. I cum back to the darkroom later for that other load.

So i notice this guy following me around.. I hate it when guys stalk me.. just walk up and pull ur dick out.. dont follow me around, lurking around the corner.. watching me.. that just creeps me out.. so finally this guy walks up to me and says hi.. I was nice, and say hi back.. he asks if i want to go to a room and i say sure why not.. this guy is average at best.. a little over weight.. but im thinking about the cum.. i just want another load. so we get in the room and he tells me to suck it.. and i do.. nice cock.. nothing special.. then he asked if i wanted his load.. and said hell yea.. jumped on top of him and sat on his cock.. riding him and forcing out his sperm. I was kinda aggressive.. telling him to give me the fucking load.. fuck my hole and shoot. slamming my ass down on his cock.. just forcing it out of him.. and he came within mins. i hoped off and put my pants back on.. I didnt even bother taking my shirt off.. :P

Then i go back into the darkroom and take another load. This latin guy bends me over and fucked the hell out of me.. forcing some of the cum out of my ass.. he shoots and score! another load. I linger a bit.. with my ass up .. but no bites.. so i walk out again... then i notice the gorgeous!!! guy.. so sexy.. great body.. and nice hair.. so we make eye contact.. he smiles and i follow him to a room.. he pulls his shirt off and his body is sick! ripped and tan.. mmmm and hes got a hot tat on his left pec. then out comes his cock..SOOOO nice.. thick, big and uncut.. hes foreign.. i thought latino .. but then he speaks and i catch it.. hes italian .. fuck yea!!! so i slob on his beautiful uncut cock.. forcing it to the back of my throat.. he moans.. very hot.. then he reaches in his pocket.. and im praying.. plz do pull out a condom.. plz dont pull out a condom.. just lube.. and FUCK.. out comes a fucking condom. wtf ever.. i stand up.. bend over and he slides right in.. it still felt AMAZING .. and wow he knew how to fuck.. but with a condom, i got no load in my ass.. but after about 15 mins of him plowing my hole.. he pulls out.. takes the condom off.. and tells me to suck out his load.. and i do :) i suck for a few mins.. then he grunts and moans and pulls my mouth all the way down on his shaft.. I feel the warm cum shoot and run down my throat.. i swallow every bit. he pulls out my mouth and slaps me in the face with it. Then we make small talk while we put our clothes back on.. I ask where hes from.. and ding ding ding.. he says italy :) but lives in Miami .

I hook up with another guy.. big fat uncut cock.. but he cant stay hard.. i have fun sucking on it.. and kissing him. at one point it was hard for a min or two.. i ask him how big he is... 9x5 .. anyways, he j/o and i make him cum by telling him about all the cum up inside my hole. he shoots a massive load on his stomach :-/ .. i hurry down to lick it up and wipe some up with my fingers.. then i run my fingers over my hole and push some of his load in me :) I wanted some of his hot sperm to be inside me somehow ...

Then I make my rounds.. after a few mins of walking around i spot this HOT guy. Younger.. very str8 looking.. he had a frat boy look.. with the hair, the cap, the jeans and a T. very sexy.. so we make eye contact.. he follows me in to the sling room. He pulls his shirt off.. and damn, he had a great body.. nice chest and arms.. mmm! i strip and hop up in the sling.. put my legs up and he drops his pants... rubs his hard cock on my hole and slams it in... he fucked the hell out of me.. really hard and fast.. his cock was average.. but he knew how to work it.. after about 10 mins or so he moans and dumps his load.. leans over and kiss me.. so sexy.

I make my way back to the dark room ... I feel around for some hot cock.. i find a few.... so i make my way over to the bench and bend over... then this guys comes up.. feels my hole then bends down to eat me out.. omg that felt so good.. then stands up and pushes his cock in me.. nice fat cock.. perfect curve to it.. he fucks me, blows his load.. but keeps fucking.. very hot.. then pulls. then another guy comes up.. i feel his cock.. another fat one.. with a PA. :) he has a hard time keeping it up.. but still manages to get hard for a sec and he shoved it.. it felt good while it lasted. but no cum from him.. oh well.

I pull my pants up and wonder around some more.. I haven't been in the glory hole booths yet.. I find one empty so i go in.. there is a guy on either side of me.. as soon as i walk in and shut the door a dick comes out of both holes.. one is ok.. nothing special.. the other is about 8ish.. i suck on the bigger one first.. getting him full erect.. then i back up on it..i spread my cheeks and his dick pops right in.. no lube.. he slams my ass thru the hole .. I love taking loads and not know who is on the other side of the wall.. so he blows his load in me.. i back off it and his cock is still hanging out of the hole.. so i slurp it and suck all the cum off.. the other guy is still in the next booth so i suck on him for a few then without warning he blows in my mouth. i swallow it down. :)

So, the glory hole booths are multilevel. there is the bottom where i was just at.. then up some stairs are another set of holes.. u can stand there and get ur dick sucked.. so, i did.. it felt so good.. I had my pants down around my ankles.. pumping my cock in and out of the hole.. then this latin guy walks up .. with his cock hanging out.. hard and uncut. He walks up, grinds on me for a second..then i pull my cheeks open to expose my used cummy hole.. he spits on his cock and slides in... mmmmm getting sucked by a very talented cock sucker and being fucked my a hot cock at the same time.. fuck that made me cum so fast.. i felt myself getting close and i told the guy to fuck me hard .. I shot a huge load and the mouth on the other side of the hole takes it all down. oh what a night!


  1. Fucking hot Robbie! Nice! I need to go to a sex club now.

  2. You, man, are an inspiration for all of us. That was really HOT! -Dan

  3. Fuckin hot blog. In ATL here. Anytime you need a load just let me know.