Friday, January 8, 2010

one crazy weekend!

It all started when i got off work friday afternoon.. I had been online all day at work looking for some cock. I had a few lined up but I there was one in particular that i knew i was going after.. Hes a fuckbud of mine who has a very large uncut cock. and oh how i love it :) we dont mess around too often.. mainly b/c when we do .. i tend to party.. so i like to keep my distance.. but It had been over 6 months and I needed his cock bad. So i get to his place friday around 6:30 pm. we spend about an hour just talking and smoking. Now im really ready to fuck.. my hole is twitching for his cock.. he tells me to pull his pants i do.. his cock flops out like a third arm.. hitting me in the face.. I try to swallow it all but i start to choke.. he pulls it out of my mouth and slaps me in the face with it.. i get up , strip my cloths and put my ass in the air.. he gets behind me, I feel his hand slap my hole... he lubes up and teases my ass some.. slapping his baseball bat up against my hole..then he slams it into me.. calling me his bitch and telling me to take his cock.. He likes role play so he makes me call him uncle steven.. we get into this intense rape scene for a while. after this I dont remember much.. I know we fucked for hours.. I did take a few pics and a vid or two with my phone.. sorry they didnt come out very clear.. I was too fucked up to think, turn on the light dumb ass!! .

anyways after a great night of fucking i got two hot loads from my bud.. and thats no easy task when hes been partying.. Hes done but im still craving some cock.. my high is just about gone but im still horny as fuck. So i head to the bookstore. its about 1 pm i figured there would be some guys there .. and yes i was right!! I walk in and head str8 for the the booth in the middle.. it has holes on both sides :) im not in there 2 seconds and i have a cock in my mouth.. nice long thick one.. i slob on it for a few mins the turn around and back my ass up to it.. im lubed and open and he slides right in.. i milk him for a while and hear him moan on the other side as he blows his load .. i quickly turn around and try to get a taste b4 he pulls it back thru the hole.. mmmm nice :) then i head for the darkroom where i meet another cum hungry fucked up btm boy.. i feel his smooth slick ass .. then i get down and slurp up his freshly filled hole.. very nice.. i LOVE to eat another btms cum filled hole. then we both lean over the bench and take a few cocks together.. kissing and moaning.. we gather quite a crowd. after a little while of being total cum dumps for random cocks.. we step outside to get some air. we exchange numbers and he tweaks out and leaves... im feeling very full, and TIRED.. so i make my way home.. Just as i pull into my parking deck my phone rings.. its the tweaked out btm .. hes being whored out at a buds house.. wants to know if i would like to join..hell yea! I turn my car around so fast and head over there.. 15 mins later im ass up next to the teaker btm and his top bud is plowing my ass.. Big thick latin cock. he pulls out slams the tweaker btm then makes us taste his cock.. he tells us he has a few guys on their way to unload in us.. and sure enough a few mins later there is a knock at the door and two guys walk in.. average at best.. they waste no time pulling out their cocks and fucking us both.. well, turns out they were the only tops who showed... and they gave us both a load each.. after this im done.. i head home.. watch some porn and sit on my fuck toy... . I finally get my dick off.. using the cum in my ass as lube .. i even eat some of the used cum as i shoot my load. all in all a great weekend. Im thinking I might visit the sex club next week ;)


  1. You are the most awesomest SLUT!!! Fucking HOT!! -Dan

  2. Awesome slutty story, wish I was there to load you and get my ass loaded too!

    Keep up the gr8 work - Jimmy