Monday, January 11, 2010

The begining..

How I became such a cum slut.. what triggered my need for cock and cum :)

It all started when i was young.. VERY young.. I fooled around with my cousin.. who was two years older than me.. When it started I was 6 or 7 maybe.. touching turned into sucking .. and that turned into him fucking me...his we were both so young.. we really didnt know what to do.. he only knew b/c of his dads porn stash. And so the cock craving began.. Later in life.. at the age of 15 my parents got a computer.. and my world opened up and I was exposed to a lot of sexual content. I would spend many nights, sneaking into the office to get online and chat with men in the AOL chat rooms.
After "learning" a few things from online porn and chatting with random strangers.. I had my first real cum slut experience.
Its was a few months before my 16th bday.. school was almost out for the summer and I was home alone. The phone rings and its my neighbor across the street. Hes a guy I go to school with.. hes older.. 18.. about to graduate high school. He was on the football team.. Jock, popular, never really talked to me in school. My parents were friends with his parents.. but he and I never talked.. so I was surprised when i realized it was him on the phone.. He asked what i was doing.. I said nothing , just being bored.. then asked if i wanted to come over to "hang out and watch some porn " not know what to say i stumbled over my words and finally said yea sure.. why not?! I was at his door in 2.5 sec. He answered in some gym shorts.. thats it.. with a nice bulge staring me in the face.. He invited me in and we went str8 to his room. He got on his bed.. and I sat in a chair near the window. Sure enough there was porn playing.. straight porn.. but porn none the less. after a few mins of silence he asked if I had ever been with another guy.. In my mind i was screaming and freaking out.. but calmly said " no " then he sat up and pulled down his short to reveal his jockstrap, and his cock poking out the top.. at least 8' and FAT omg was it fat.. then he asked if i wanted to... and I said, without hesitation .. YES!! He said , " well get over here and suck on my cock faggot" OMG my dick was rock hard.. this had to be a dream or something! He lay back while i worked on his fat meat.. slurping it down.. just like they did in the pornos. He moaned and said yea, thats its.. suck it.. suck it.. after a few mins of that.. he asked if I wanted to fuck him.. yes, ME FUCK HIM.. the HOT jock , pussy fucking str8 boy.. wanted ME to fuck HIM.. I jumped on it.. he grabbed the lube and spun around.. stuck his ass up and told me to stick it in.. so... i did :) and we fucked.. I blew my load in him about 10 mins later.. and he made me suck him off .. shooting all down my throat.. then we got dressed and acted like it never happen ... well, a few days later.. he calls again.. I rush over thinking i get to fuck him again.. very excited i strip down, my cock rock hard.. then he says.. now its ur turn.. i freak... I tell him no, i want to fuck you.. he says.. nope its ur turn... now turn around and bend over.. so I do .. scared.. he lubes up and pushed the head of his cock against my tight hole.. I remember him telling me .. once i get the head in i wont hurt i promise.. well, he lied.. it hurt once he got the head it.. I screamed and pulled away and said, nah, I think i will pass one that.. I started to get my clothes back on .. he pulled my shirt out of my hand and threw it on the floor.. I told him i wanted to leave.. he said nope, u have to stay and take my cock.. its only fair.. he grabbed me.. threw me on the bed ... and forced himself on top of me.. hes a big guy.. much bigger than me...he told me to calm down ... it will only hurt for a little while.. I kept telling him to get the fuck off me.. yelling stop, ur fucking hurting me u asshole.. I think that just turned him on more.. b/c after a few mins of wrestling around.. he pushed his cock in my ass.. without stopping.. just shoved it all in me.. I was turned on too from the wrestling and dirty talk..but when he shoved his fat cock in my tight virgin ass.. I cried.. it hurt SO bad.. he kept telling me to take it.. just fucking taking u faggot.. it wont hurt for long.. after about 15 mins of him pumping his cock in my ass .. i kinda started to relax and enjoy it some.. he flipped me around on my back .. without pulling out and held my legs up.. we never kissed and would keep his eyes closed.. every now and then he would moan or say damn ur pussy is tight.. so this went on for about 30 mins or so and finally he shot his load.. and i shot mine.. I hurt like hell for days.. but I J/o to that for weeks.. we did it several times that summer and every time he blew his load in my hole.. he knew I liked taking his sperm. Now he is in the Marines and married with two kids.. go figure..


  1. HOT story stud! wouldn't you LOVE to see him again!!?!!?!?

  2. FUCK!!!!!!! So damn HOT!!!!!! -Dan