Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fill or be filled! :)

Hey guys! Sorry its been a while since my last post. I have been " dating " someone for the past few weeks.. things are getting serious now.. but I have a feeling he is just as big of a pig as I am. :D We have had sex and its "good" ...room for improvement i guess.. He is also poz so there is no condom problems. He shoots MASSIVE loads and loves to fill me up. His cock is average and he knows how to work it. We talked about checking out a sex club later down the line :)

Anyways i was really craving cock last night and the bf isn't around during the week. So, I hit up one of my FAVORITE fuckbuds. His cock is as big a round as a beer can.. and maybe 8.5 inches long? . He fucked me a while back at Eros. He was home last night so I stopped by and got my hole tore to pieces! He had porn playing and a fresh bottle of poppers on the bed. I sucked his fat cock for a few mins.. not able to take the whole thing down.. he forced me to choke on it. Then he ordered me to bend over the bed.. and he said it was his turn to do a little oral work on me. I spread my cheeks apart and he munched on my hole like it was his last meal. OMG it felt so good... Then he lubed up and told me to take a big hit of poppers.. I knew what was about to happen :) then I felt the head of his fat cock rub my freshly slobbed hole. He slowly inched his way in.. I felt the pop .. then without warning he pushed it all the way in balls deep.. I gasped as the pain shot up my lower back... but it quickly melted away as I did another big hit of poppers... He knew what i wanted. He ravaged my hole for over an hour.. stopping only once b/c he got close and didnt want to cum just yet. I was pouring pre-cum begging him to seed my hole.. finally he filled me up.. spraying my insides with his charged load. He grunted a few times then fell on top of me.... laying there with his cock inside me he whispered in my ear.. " U like daddies seed deep inside you boy? " after a few mins of chatting.. I got dressed and headed out.

I made my way to the porn store :) The parking lot was packed, so i had a good feeling deep in my hole ;) I walked in the downstairs where the video booths are located.. it was dark and full of men. good for a monday night. I made my way around the place.. checking out the guys.. my first stop was the middle booths with the holes on either side. I have taken so many cocks in that booth. . . last night was no different. I sucked a few and swallowed a lot of cum. After that I walked around some more .. I ran into my friend Armond. the HOT latin guy with the big uncut cock .. the one from the sex club in my last post.. He pulled me into another booth and I quickly had his cock out.. slurping it down. Then he turned me around and bent me over... and shoved it in.. He must have felt the load I had in me b/c he asked how many loads I had up there. That turned him on .. and he pulled out and made me suck him some.. I tasted the load and it made my dick hard. He turned me around again, and pushed his dick back in me... then another dick came poking out of the hole.. like snake flaring up at me.. I swallowed it down.. its so hot to have an anonymous cock in my mouth and another hot cock in my ass.. after a few mins of Armond pounding my hole.. he shot his big load deep in me.. SO hot.

After that he left and I did my rounds again...I found a HOT mans man, really butch, and rugged. Had a nice hairy chest and big low hangin nuts and a fat cock. It didnt take long for him to have me bent over, fucking the hell out of me... churning those other loads deeper inside me. He kept calling me his boy.. telling me to take his daddy cock... I begged for it.. begging for his load turned him on obviously b/c he shot right then. Grunting like bull as he filled my hole. Then he pulled out , zipped up and walked out the booth.

My hole at that point was getting a little sore.. and I walked around for anther 20mins or so.. and found nothing... so i figured it was time to go... as i was walking towards the exit.. I passed this HOT young white guy... kinda twinkish.. ( im not big on twinks) however i have a thing for blonde hair and blue eyes.. there was something SO sexy about this guy.. he turned around and smiled.. so i said what the hell.. and followed.. he lead me into a booth where he was on his knees ready to suck my cock. I fed it to him.. I got rough at times, making him take it all the way down.. I love hearing a guy choke on my dick. This got me so turned on I was ready to fuck him. ( Now, I do love a to btm.. its what I do best.. BUT, when there is a sweet hole staring me in the face... im NOT going to turn it down. I do have the equipment for the job and I can be vers at times.) So I pulled him up.. made out for a sec then bent him over and ate his sweet hole.... He had to have been maybe 21? if not younger.. his hole was smooth and tight... I tongue fucked it and slobbered all over it. he moaned like a little bitch... my cock was rock hard.. I stood up and slowly teased his hole with my cock... thinking he would pull away and try to put a condom on me.. but to my surprise he told me to shove it in.. so .. .i did :) I didnt take it easy... I pushed my cock all the way in... I fucked him like I like to be fucked.. HARD. He told me not to cum inside him.. :-/ I said ok i wont.. so, I fucked him a little more.. then I felt myself getting close... I tried not to make it obvious that I was about to fill him up with my seed... so i bit my lip and kept fucking... It felt so good, I let out a grunt and flooded his hole with my poz load... I think he felt it b/c he tried to pull away but I forced myself deeper inside him.. pulling him closer and fucking him just a little bit harder... He turned his head and asked if i had came.. I said yea.. im sorry dude.. i could couldn't help it.. ur ass is just so damn hot! He pulled away and my semi hard dick popped out.. with it some of my cum dribbled out :) I pulled up my pants and walked out the booth b4 he could say anything... I Headed home to call my bf and get a great nights sleep. :) until next time! fill or be filled!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

unplanned and unrated. a night in cumland

what a random night! at first I wasnt up for anything.. I just got out of class, and I was tired.. but my fuckbud texted me and asked if i was around.. of course I wanted his fat cock and his load.. it had been way too long. So i got home and got ready for him. He was late for dinner with his friends.. so it was going ot be a quick pump and dump... I left the door unlocked... and buzzed him in the main door the the apt building. He let himself in.. walk straight to my room and fucked the hell out of me.. I secretly recorded it on my laptop :)

Then after my fuckbud left.. I was done.. He got me off and i shot a HUGE load! I made me something to eat.. and sat down to catch up on my tv shows... well, I was sitting there.. with a fresh load deep in my ass.. when a friend of mine called me.. Hes a hot latin guy with a nice fat uncut cock.. stocky build .. very sexy.. we chat online a lot and text back and forth.. we met once at a bar once.. and made out .. well, out of the blue he called me and asked what i was doing.. said he was in my area and wanted to stop by.. Hell yea i told him.. so a few mins later hes knocking on my door... I weclome him in my apt.. we sit down and chat for a bit.. then he grabs his crotch and starts to rub it.. I bring him to my room and get on my knees.. he strips down pulls out his beautiful uncut cock and I swallow it all down... he grabs my head and forces me to take it all.. shoving it down my throat.. He knows im poz.. and hes not.. so we didn't really fuck.. but he still wanted to me to have his hot load... I wanted it on my hole.. so after a while of sucking he gets close and tells me to stand up and bend over the bed.. he grunts a few times and shot a huge load all over my hole and my back.. ahhh, it felt so good.. feeling that warm jizz running down my hole.. down my balls... then when i think hes finished.. out of no where he shoves his cock in me.. pushing his cum inside me :) .. he gives it a quick pump and pulls out.. i whip around to lick it clean :)

After he leaves.. im really horny again... I get online to see who is on.. nothing... so im just laying there on the sofa.. watching jersey shore... (another guilty pleasure) :P and i get a text from Armond.. a guy i met at the sex club a while back. fucking stud! great body.. shaved head.. big arms.. tats.. and a nice thick uncut cock.... he asked what im doing, and tells me to come meet him and the new sex club that just opened.. i. he says he will pay my way.. so i hop in the car.

He meets me at the door... he had been partying some.. we make our way to the back of the club.. there are about 20 or so guys there.. but all young and HOT. I was VERY surprised.. we head straight for the sling.. i strip down and suck him for a few.. then get up in the sling and he goes at it... the sound of me moaning and the chains on the sling was like a mating call.. within mins all the guys in the club were gathered around us.. watching with their hard cock pointing at me... Armond pulled out.. and another guy went in.. he came in me , and aother took his place.. i swear it was like a scene from a hot T.I M . porn. I had a cock in my mouth and my ass ... one by one each guy walked up and fucked me.. most came in me.. some just wanted to feel the other guys cum in my hole. Most were young, hung and full of cum! HA! :) it was so hot to look around and see all these hot guys waiting to fuck me.. after about 30 mins of me getting gang banged they all dispersed..I lost count of how many loads I got ... i hoped out the sling, cum dripping out of my ass... and Armond took me to a private room and we do some G. I dont do much.. I have never really liked the stuff.. then his vers/btm friend meets us there. Me and his friend are on our knees sucking on Armonds cock in the middle of the hallway.. this attracts a lot of attention.. one by one a small group gathers and me and the friend are surrounded by cock.. so we suck.. and suck and suck :) then we pick out two hot guys to join us in a private room.. so its me , Armond, the friend and the two guys.. the two guys and Armond take turns on me and the friend.. that was a hot time.. fucking and sucking and eating ass.. so hot.

So its about 3am.. im tired.. ready to cum.. Armond gave me his load for the 3rd time then he leaves..... so it was just me and the friend.. laying there in the bed.. making out.. and the door opens.. this hot latin guy walks in.. pulls out this HUGE cock.. hard as a rock.. YES!! this is gonna be fun! we both turn around.. ass up face down.. he fucks the friend first .. then fucks me.. pushes me down and shoves his giant cock inside me.. then pulls out and flips me over.. the friend grabs my legs and this guy pounds my hole like crazy.. i pull it open for him, and he goes deep... harder and harder.. im almost in tears at this point.. but i take it like a man, jacking my own cock ... just as he cums I shoot my load hard! the friend quickly bends down and slurps up my load .. the guy pulls out of my hole and forces me to swallow his cock , (I said it b4 and I will say it again.. I LOVE the taste of a cum covered cock ;) .. then the friend spins me around and eats my hole.. that does it for him.. he shoots spraying my hole.. then shoves it in me.

after this im so tired.. I get dressed and make my way out of the club... I walk to my car.. just as im about to open the car door.. a black SUV pulls up next to me.. the window rolls down and this really hot black guy asked me where the sex club was at.. I point to it.. but told him it was about to close... he said damn.. I need to get my dick off.. then he asked if i could help him.. thinking with my dick again.. I say sure!!! and walk around the front of the suv.. he unlocks the passenger door i get in.. and sit in the seat.. and DAMN there it is.. a big black snake .. flopped over his leg.. I dive face first trying to swallow it all.. im barely able to get half of it in my mouth then he tells me to get in the back seat.. he wants to fuck me.. so i climb back there.. he cums up behind me.. and slaps his big meat on my freshly fucked hole.. then spits and shoves.. OMG was all i could say.. I tense up some but he forces me to take it.. pounding my ass harder and harder.... it didnt take him long to cum. He pushed deep forcing his load and all the others deeper in my guts.. what a way to top off a great night :) .. I couldnt wait to get home and climb in my nice warm bed. AFTER showering of course.. but still keeping some cum in me.
Load count for the night.. AT LEAST 25, maybe more. I lost count...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh what a night!!!!

Thursday night i went to the sex club... got a total of 9 loads. Not my best.. but good for a Thursday night. Unfortunately i couldn't get pics or vid.. the place was dark.. and my damn iPhone doesn't have a flash. Anyways, I got there around 1030 ish ... maybe 11. It was college night.. so i got in for $5 :) saving money is always a plus. It was early.. not many guys there.. but I was planing on staying for a while.. If i had to, i could leave and cum back.. I was planing on going to the bookstore to see what i could find there...but i never made it. So, I walk in and the first guy i see is a buddy from online.. he fucked me once when Adam whored me out.. like a year ago.. and OMG his dick, his dick!!!! Hes a tall guy.. white.. average looking.. middle age man.. but his cock is .. wow.. 9 inches.. and the thickest cock i have EVER taken.. thicker than a beer can.. so he is the first guy to fuck me.. and does he ever! he opened my hole up and got me ready for the rest of the night. we fucked for about 30 mins or so.. first I was on all fours.. then he pushed me down on my stomach.. i worked my ass on his big fat cock.. slamming my hole on it.. milking it.. My hole sucked the cum right out of him.. and it was a HUGE load.. I was leaking!! then i wondered into the darkroom... It can be my favorite place.. then again sometimes it sucks.. but tonight .. it was HOT. I sucked a few cocks.. and took 2 loads there... I was bent over the bench with my ass in the air.. the first guy came up. Felt my ass.. stuck a few fingers in my loaded hole.. then suck those fingers in my mouth and made me taste my buddies cum. soo hot. then he shoved his cock in me.. pumping my hole. after a few mins he blows and goes.. then i get up and go wonder around.. I cum back to the darkroom later for that other load.

So i notice this guy following me around.. I hate it when guys stalk me.. just walk up and pull ur dick out.. dont follow me around, lurking around the corner.. watching me.. that just creeps me out.. so finally this guy walks up to me and says hi.. I was nice, and say hi back.. he asks if i want to go to a room and i say sure why not.. this guy is average at best.. a little over weight.. but im thinking about the cum.. i just want another load. so we get in the room and he tells me to suck it.. and i do.. nice cock.. nothing special.. then he asked if i wanted his load.. and said hell yea.. jumped on top of him and sat on his cock.. riding him and forcing out his sperm. I was kinda aggressive.. telling him to give me the fucking load.. fuck my hole and shoot. slamming my ass down on his cock.. just forcing it out of him.. and he came within mins. i hoped off and put my pants back on.. I didnt even bother taking my shirt off.. :P

Then i go back into the darkroom and take another load. This latin guy bends me over and fucked the hell out of me.. forcing some of the cum out of my ass.. he shoots and score! another load. I linger a bit.. with my ass up .. but no bites.. so i walk out again... then i notice the gorgeous!!! guy.. so sexy.. great body.. and nice hair.. so we make eye contact.. he smiles and i follow him to a room.. he pulls his shirt off and his body is sick! ripped and tan.. mmmm and hes got a hot tat on his left pec. then out comes his cock..SOOOO nice.. thick, big and uncut.. hes foreign.. i thought latino .. but then he speaks and i catch it.. hes italian .. fuck yea!!! so i slob on his beautiful uncut cock.. forcing it to the back of my throat.. he moans.. very hot.. then he reaches in his pocket.. and im praying.. plz do pull out a condom.. plz dont pull out a condom.. just lube.. and FUCK.. out comes a fucking condom. wtf ever.. i stand up.. bend over and he slides right in.. it still felt AMAZING .. and wow he knew how to fuck.. but with a condom, i got no load in my ass.. but after about 15 mins of him plowing my hole.. he pulls out.. takes the condom off.. and tells me to suck out his load.. and i do :) i suck for a few mins.. then he grunts and moans and pulls my mouth all the way down on his shaft.. I feel the warm cum shoot and run down my throat.. i swallow every bit. he pulls out my mouth and slaps me in the face with it. Then we make small talk while we put our clothes back on.. I ask where hes from.. and ding ding ding.. he says italy :) but lives in Miami .

I hook up with another guy.. big fat uncut cock.. but he cant stay hard.. i have fun sucking on it.. and kissing him. at one point it was hard for a min or two.. i ask him how big he is... 9x5 .. anyways, he j/o and i make him cum by telling him about all the cum up inside my hole. he shoots a massive load on his stomach :-/ .. i hurry down to lick it up and wipe some up with my fingers.. then i run my fingers over my hole and push some of his load in me :) I wanted some of his hot sperm to be inside me somehow ...

Then I make my rounds.. after a few mins of walking around i spot this HOT guy. Younger.. very str8 looking.. he had a frat boy look.. with the hair, the cap, the jeans and a T. very sexy.. so we make eye contact.. he follows me in to the sling room. He pulls his shirt off.. and damn, he had a great body.. nice chest and arms.. mmm! i strip and hop up in the sling.. put my legs up and he drops his pants... rubs his hard cock on my hole and slams it in... he fucked the hell out of me.. really hard and fast.. his cock was average.. but he knew how to work it.. after about 10 mins or so he moans and dumps his load.. leans over and kiss me.. so sexy.

I make my way back to the dark room ... I feel around for some hot cock.. i find a few.... so i make my way over to the bench and bend over... then this guys comes up.. feels my hole then bends down to eat me out.. omg that felt so good.. then stands up and pushes his cock in me.. nice fat cock.. perfect curve to it.. he fucks me, blows his load.. but keeps fucking.. very hot.. then pulls. then another guy comes up.. i feel his cock.. another fat one.. with a PA. :) he has a hard time keeping it up.. but still manages to get hard for a sec and he shoved it.. it felt good while it lasted. but no cum from him.. oh well.

I pull my pants up and wonder around some more.. I haven't been in the glory hole booths yet.. I find one empty so i go in.. there is a guy on either side of me.. as soon as i walk in and shut the door a dick comes out of both holes.. one is ok.. nothing special.. the other is about 8ish.. i suck on the bigger one first.. getting him full erect.. then i back up on it..i spread my cheeks and his dick pops right in.. no lube.. he slams my ass thru the hole .. I love taking loads and not know who is on the other side of the wall.. so he blows his load in me.. i back off it and his cock is still hanging out of the hole.. so i slurp it and suck all the cum off.. the other guy is still in the next booth so i suck on him for a few then without warning he blows in my mouth. i swallow it down. :)

So, the glory hole booths are multilevel. there is the bottom where i was just at.. then up some stairs are another set of holes.. u can stand there and get ur dick sucked.. so, i did.. it felt so good.. I had my pants down around my ankles.. pumping my cock in and out of the hole.. then this latin guy walks up .. with his cock hanging out.. hard and uncut. He walks up, grinds on me for a second..then i pull my cheeks open to expose my used cummy hole.. he spits on his cock and slides in... mmmmm getting sucked by a very talented cock sucker and being fucked my a hot cock at the same time.. fuck that made me cum so fast.. i felt myself getting close and i told the guy to fuck me hard .. I shot a huge load and the mouth on the other side of the hole takes it all down. oh what a night!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How i became poz.

After about a year of fucking the " str8" jock neighbor... I moved on to more serious sexual encounters. I was still young.. 17, and unaware of the dangers of fucking bb.. I knew what was out there.. but wasn't educated properly. I also felt like i was invincible... nothing could happen to me. i was young, healthy and very naive. I had embraced my sexuality fully and knew who i was.. I had come out to my mom.. but we were still keeping it from my Dad. I had a car, and a part time job.. I was a senior in high school.. I was on top of the world..

I had become accustom to cruising around town looking for cock.. I would stop in at the rest areas, and truck stops .. I even tried to get into the adult bookstores. At the rest areas I would cruise the bathrooms, sit on the toilet looking thru the small holes made by fellow cruisers. I got a few bjs that way, and sucked a few hot cocks :) .. My favorite place was the truck stops . I would always go to the bathroom first .. checking the stalls for phone numbers.. I even put my cell phone number up a few times..I would write something like... cute, white young guy.. 17.. looking to get fucked..... Well, one night while i was working at a local sandwich shop.. I got a call... The MAN on the other end of the phone had a very deep voice. He sounded very rugged, and butch.. All the calls were the same at first.. the guy would say, hey sup.. i would say .. not much, you ? he would say horned looking.. where ya at? well, this guy said all of that .. then said he had a bud with him and they both wanted to tag team me.. OMG OMG i was all about it! They were parked at the truck stop .. in the back ... He said they were passing threw.. bringing horses from florida to texas.. and they had a camper trailer ... I didnt care what the fuck they were doing.. or why they were there... all i wanted was those dicks.. SO , I finished working... and headed to the truck stop.. I drove my little car past all the idling big rigs ... just the thought of all those hot truckers made me hard...

I made my way to the back of the lot... and sure enough there was a pickup and a horse trailer/camper .... I pulled up next to it... and sat there for a second.. the thought did cross my mind.. " what If I walk in here and these guys are cops.. or what if they kill me and chop me up in little pieces".... well, that thought only lasted a min .. and I felt my cock throbbing in my underwear... I snapped out of it.. and jumped out the car.. walked up and knocked on the door.. the man who opened it was a tall, built rugged looking man mid to late 30's... tight jeans, a flannel shirt shaved head and goatee. VERY sexy.. he invited me in , and I remember being SO nervous.. i was shaking... I walked into their camper.. it was small..bed, sofa, table and chairs. stove and fridge.. ur average camper trailer.. The man who greeted me was Doug.. and then introduced me to his " buddy" Dave... another tall, thick, rugged looking man also in his late 30'.. both their cocks were hard.. just begging to be be let out ... I stood there... not knowing who to go to first.. then they both walked up to me.. striping me down.. Doug bent me over and started eating my hole..and Dave pulled down his jeans.. the there it was.. 9 full, long , fat inches.. rock hard.. staring me in the face... He grabbed my head and forced me to swallow it.. as i chocked on his giant man meat.. he said suck it boy.. take my cock.( Damn I LOVE dirty talk) ... after a few mins of Doug eating my ass.. he stands up.. spits on his cock and slowly pushes it in.. His was not as long as Daves but damn was it thick.. At this point im getting both my holes just absolutely used.. Doug is tearing up my hole and I am having to hold my breath so i could keep up with Dave skull fucking me.. then they decide to change up.. Dave sits on the sofa and pulls me on top of his cock.. I sit there riding his cock.. deep inside of me.. as he kisses my back.. Doug makes me suck on his cock the same way Dave was making me suck him.. SO HOT!!! i was in HEAVEN!! then they bring me up to the bed.. It was up high, above the table and sofa.. closer to the ceiling.. Doug puts me on my back and I put my legs up... we are so close to the ceiling i can touch it with my feet.. Doug does a hit of poppers .. and offers some to me.. I told him i had never done them b4 and he explains.. I give it a try and WOW what a fucking rush! He slams my hole harder and harder.. it was the most amazing feeling. then Dave buries his cock in my throat again.. I just LOVE having two cocks at once :) then Doug cums.. and pulls out.. Dave gets close and shoves his cock in me.. and blows his load.. and also makes me cum .. what a hot time I had.. but it was late and i had school in the morning..

well, a few weeks later, i get another call from Doug.. they are back in town :) I meet up with them later that night and we do it all over again.. That time they fuck me for at least 2 hours.. blowing several loads deep inside me.. never pulling out.. A month would go by and I would get a call from them.. telling me to get my ass over there and let them use it... this went on for at least 6 months.. and I was in cum slut heaven.

After about a year.. we lost contact...I graduated high school and decided to go into the military.. I passed every test and was sworn in... a week later i was called to the meps center... They told me I was HIV positive , and I could not serve for the military.. the rest is history , (I did however get back in touch with Doug a few years ago.. he told me him and Dave knew they were poz.. and they lied to me when i asked them their status) oh well, such is life.. so...I lived at home for another year, then moved about an hour away for school.. I still cruised the rest areas and truck stops.. now i was 18 and could hit up the bookstores.. I loved walking into a totally dark room .. bending over and taking cock.. damn those were the good ole days :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The begining..

How I became such a cum slut.. what triggered my need for cock and cum :)

It all started when i was young.. VERY young.. I fooled around with my cousin.. who was two years older than me.. When it started I was 6 or 7 maybe.. touching turned into sucking .. and that turned into him fucking me...his we were both so young.. we really didnt know what to do.. he only knew b/c of his dads porn stash. And so the cock craving began.. Later in life.. at the age of 15 my parents got a computer.. and my world opened up and I was exposed to a lot of sexual content. I would spend many nights, sneaking into the office to get online and chat with men in the AOL chat rooms.
After "learning" a few things from online porn and chatting with random strangers.. I had my first real cum slut experience.
Its was a few months before my 16th bday.. school was almost out for the summer and I was home alone. The phone rings and its my neighbor across the street. Hes a guy I go to school with.. hes older.. 18.. about to graduate high school. He was on the football team.. Jock, popular, never really talked to me in school. My parents were friends with his parents.. but he and I never talked.. so I was surprised when i realized it was him on the phone.. He asked what i was doing.. I said nothing , just being bored.. then asked if i wanted to come over to "hang out and watch some porn " not know what to say i stumbled over my words and finally said yea sure.. why not?! I was at his door in 2.5 sec. He answered in some gym shorts.. thats it.. with a nice bulge staring me in the face.. He invited me in and we went str8 to his room. He got on his bed.. and I sat in a chair near the window. Sure enough there was porn playing.. straight porn.. but porn none the less. after a few mins of silence he asked if I had ever been with another guy.. In my mind i was screaming and freaking out.. but calmly said " no " then he sat up and pulled down his short to reveal his jockstrap, and his cock poking out the top.. at least 8' and FAT omg was it fat.. then he asked if i wanted to... and I said, without hesitation .. YES!! He said , " well get over here and suck on my cock faggot" OMG my dick was rock hard.. this had to be a dream or something! He lay back while i worked on his fat meat.. slurping it down.. just like they did in the pornos. He moaned and said yea, thats its.. suck it.. suck it.. after a few mins of that.. he asked if I wanted to fuck him.. yes, ME FUCK HIM.. the HOT jock , pussy fucking str8 boy.. wanted ME to fuck HIM.. I jumped on it.. he grabbed the lube and spun around.. stuck his ass up and told me to stick it in.. so... i did :) and we fucked.. I blew my load in him about 10 mins later.. and he made me suck him off .. shooting all down my throat.. then we got dressed and acted like it never happen ... well, a few days later.. he calls again.. I rush over thinking i get to fuck him again.. very excited i strip down, my cock rock hard.. then he says.. now its ur turn.. i freak... I tell him no, i want to fuck you.. he says.. nope its ur turn... now turn around and bend over.. so I do .. scared.. he lubes up and pushed the head of his cock against my tight hole.. I remember him telling me .. once i get the head in i wont hurt i promise.. well, he lied.. it hurt once he got the head it.. I screamed and pulled away and said, nah, I think i will pass one that.. I started to get my clothes back on .. he pulled my shirt out of my hand and threw it on the floor.. I told him i wanted to leave.. he said nope, u have to stay and take my cock.. its only fair.. he grabbed me.. threw me on the bed ... and forced himself on top of me.. hes a big guy.. much bigger than me...he told me to calm down ... it will only hurt for a little while.. I kept telling him to get the fuck off me.. yelling stop, ur fucking hurting me u asshole.. I think that just turned him on more.. b/c after a few mins of wrestling around.. he pushed his cock in my ass.. without stopping.. just shoved it all in me.. I was turned on too from the wrestling and dirty talk..but when he shoved his fat cock in my tight virgin ass.. I cried.. it hurt SO bad.. he kept telling me to take it.. just fucking taking u faggot.. it wont hurt for long.. after about 15 mins of him pumping his cock in my ass .. i kinda started to relax and enjoy it some.. he flipped me around on my back .. without pulling out and held my legs up.. we never kissed and would keep his eyes closed.. every now and then he would moan or say damn ur pussy is tight.. so this went on for about 30 mins or so and finally he shot his load.. and i shot mine.. I hurt like hell for days.. but I J/o to that for weeks.. we did it several times that summer and every time he blew his load in my hole.. he knew I liked taking his sperm. Now he is in the Marines and married with two kids.. go figure..

Friday, January 8, 2010

one crazy weekend!

It all started when i got off work friday afternoon.. I had been online all day at work looking for some cock. I had a few lined up but I there was one in particular that i knew i was going after.. Hes a fuckbud of mine who has a very large uncut cock. and oh how i love it :) we dont mess around too often.. mainly b/c when we do .. i tend to party.. so i like to keep my distance.. but It had been over 6 months and I needed his cock bad. So i get to his place friday around 6:30 pm. we spend about an hour just talking and smoking. Now im really ready to fuck.. my hole is twitching for his cock.. he tells me to pull his pants down..so i do.. his cock flops out like a third arm.. hitting me in the face.. I try to swallow it all but i start to choke.. he pulls it out of my mouth and slaps me in the face with it.. i get up , strip my cloths and put my ass in the air.. he gets behind me, I feel his hand slap my hole... he lubes up and teases my ass some.. slapping his baseball bat up against my hole..then he slams it into me.. calling me his bitch and telling me to take his cock.. He likes role play so he makes me call him uncle steven.. we get into this intense rape scene for a while. after this I dont remember much.. I know we fucked for hours.. I did take a few pics and a vid or two with my phone.. sorry they didnt come out very clear.. I was too fucked up to think, turn on the light dumb ass!! .

anyways after a great night of fucking i got two hot loads from my bud.. and thats no easy task when hes been partying.. Hes done but im still craving some cock.. my high is just about gone but im still horny as fuck. So i head to the bookstore. its about 1 pm i figured there would be some guys there .. and yes i was right!! I walk in and head str8 for the the booth in the middle.. it has holes on both sides :) im not in there 2 seconds and i have a cock in my mouth.. nice long thick one.. i slob on it for a few mins the turn around and back my ass up to it.. im lubed and open and he slides right in.. i milk him for a while and hear him moan on the other side as he blows his load .. i quickly turn around and try to get a taste b4 he pulls it back thru the hole.. mmmm nice :) then i head for the darkroom where i meet another cum hungry fucked up btm boy.. i feel his smooth slick ass .. then i get down and slurp up his freshly filled hole.. very nice.. i LOVE to eat another btms cum filled hole. then we both lean over the bench and take a few cocks together.. kissing and moaning.. we gather quite a crowd. after a little while of being total cum dumps for random cocks.. we step outside to get some air. we exchange numbers and he tweaks out and leaves... im feeling very full, and TIRED.. so i make my way home.. Just as i pull into my parking deck my phone rings.. its the tweaked out btm .. hes being whored out at a buds house.. wants to know if i would like to join..hell yea! I turn my car around so fast and head over there.. 15 mins later im ass up next to the teaker btm and his top bud is plowing my ass.. Big thick latin cock. he pulls out slams the tweaker btm then makes us taste his cock.. he tells us he has a few guys on their way to unload in us.. and sure enough a few mins later there is a knock at the door and two guys walk in.. average at best.. they waste no time pulling out their cocks and fucking us both.. well, turns out they were the only tops who showed... and they gave us both a load each.. after this im done.. i head home.. watch some porn and sit on my fuck toy... . I finally get my dick off.. using the cum in my ass as lube .. i even eat some of the used cum as i shoot my load. all in all a great weekend. Im thinking I might visit the sex club next week ;)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Home for the holidays.

So, here goes. My first blog.. how exciting! I have been reading a lot of hot blogs for while now and I decided its time for one of my own. Here is a little bit about me.. at first glance im just an innocent 23 yo going to school and working my ass off. Only at a closer look will you see the cum stains in the ass of my jeans. I have been getting my ass fucked and filled since I was 15, so needless to say I have some experience with load taking. I hope you enjoy my crazy cum filled blogs.

My most recent load taking was this past weekend. I was home for the holidays and we all know how sexually frustrated one can get... being around family for 5 days.. and jacking off in the shower just wasn't doing it for me. I decided to visit a local bathhouse on my last night home. I get online check the sites.. post an ad( just to see if I get any responses from guys who will be there at the bh).. and a few hours later I'm walking up to the front door of the bh. I get a locker strip my clothes and head for the sling. within 15 mins of me getting there I have my first hot load of man juice deep in my guts. Was from big beefy guy with a nice size cock. I walk around with my ass hanging out of my towel cruising the halls. I check out the darkroom.. and get in the sling there.. minutes later a group of guys are surrounding me.. it was dark so i could only make out their outlines. I took 6 cocks there and 4 hot loads. There is something really hot about laying there in the dark, taking cock and cum and not being able to see who it is.. just the feel of a rock hard dick slamming my hole.. after about 2o mins of hot anonymous fucking the guys disburse and I get up and walk the halls a bit more.. I turn the corner and this big black muscle daddy is standing there.. I can see a nice size cock under his white towel. He opens the door to his room, i follow of course... then out of no where he puts his huge arm around my neck and starts to squeeze.. i try to fight back but im no match for this 6'3 240 lb black man.. he pushes me to the bed and releases me from his muscled arm.. i gasp for air and try to turn around to look at him.. he pushes face first into the pillow.. and demands i pull my ass cheeks apart.. i do as im told.. he then spits and shoves... after being fucked 5 or 6 times before this ... my hole is kinda open.. but when he shoves this huge man meat in me.. i scream!! it really hurts at first.. but i just tell myself to take it.. i do a hit of poppers and finally the pain melts away. It was like a rape scene .. he used me and didnt care if I was in pain or not.. he flipped me over on my back so he could spit in my face.. slamming his dick harder and deeper in me. Finally he shot his load.. he pushed really hard that time. I felt the head of his cock flare out and shoot, and shoot, and shoot.. like 6 or 7 times.. i felt it fill me. He pulled out and made me clean his cock with my tongue .... ah, the sweet taste of cum.. his and all the other loads that he fucked out of me.. I swear his cock had to be 11in maybe 11.5 .. and beer can thick... After that crazy fuck I went back to the sling and got another load, couldn't see what he looked like but damn his dick hit the spot.. Now its about 4am and i have a 30 min drive back to my parents and a flight at 9am.. its time to go..but i drove home and went to bed nice and full :)