Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How i became poz.

After about a year of fucking the " str8" jock neighbor... I moved on to more serious sexual encounters. I was still young.. 17, and unaware of the dangers of fucking bb.. I knew what was out there.. but wasn't educated properly. I also felt like i was invincible... nothing could happen to me. i was young, healthy and very naive. I had embraced my sexuality fully and knew who i was.. I had come out to my mom.. but we were still keeping it from my Dad. I had a car, and a part time job.. I was a senior in high school.. I was on top of the world..

I had become accustom to cruising around town looking for cock.. I would stop in at the rest areas, and truck stops .. I even tried to get into the adult bookstores. At the rest areas I would cruise the bathrooms, sit on the toilet looking thru the small holes made by fellow cruisers. I got a few bjs that way, and sucked a few hot cocks :) .. My favorite place was the truck stops . I would always go to the bathroom first .. checking the stalls for phone numbers.. I even put my cell phone number up a few times..I would write something like... cute, white young guy.. 17.. looking to get fucked..... Well, one night while i was working at a local sandwich shop.. I got a call... The MAN on the other end of the phone had a very deep voice. He sounded very rugged, and butch.. All the calls were the same at first.. the guy would say, hey sup.. i would say .. not much, you ? he would say horned looking.. where ya at? well, this guy said all of that .. then said he had a bud with him and they both wanted to tag team me.. OMG OMG i was all about it! They were parked at the truck stop .. in the back ... He said they were passing threw.. bringing horses from florida to texas.. and they had a camper trailer ... I didnt care what the fuck they were doing.. or why they were there... all i wanted was those dicks.. SO , I finished working... and headed to the truck stop.. I drove my little car past all the idling big rigs ... just the thought of all those hot truckers made me hard...

I made my way to the back of the lot... and sure enough there was a pickup and a horse trailer/camper .... I pulled up next to it... and sat there for a second.. the thought did cross my mind.. " what If I walk in here and these guys are cops.. or what if they kill me and chop me up in little pieces".... well, that thought only lasted a min .. and I felt my cock throbbing in my underwear... I snapped out of it.. and jumped out the car.. walked up and knocked on the door.. the man who opened it was a tall, built rugged looking man mid to late 30's... tight jeans, a flannel shirt shaved head and goatee. VERY sexy.. he invited me in , and I remember being SO nervous.. i was shaking... I walked into their camper.. it was small..bed, sofa, table and chairs. stove and fridge.. ur average camper trailer.. The man who greeted me was Doug.. and then introduced me to his " buddy" Dave... another tall, thick, rugged looking man also in his late 30'.. both their cocks were hard.. just begging to be be let out ... I stood there... not knowing who to go to first.. then they both walked up to me.. striping me down.. Doug bent me over and started eating my hole..and Dave pulled down his jeans.. the there it was.. 9 full, long , fat inches.. rock hard.. staring me in the face... He grabbed my head and forced me to swallow it.. as i chocked on his giant man meat.. he said suck it boy.. take my cock.( Damn I LOVE dirty talk) ... after a few mins of Doug eating my ass.. he stands up.. spits on his cock and slowly pushes it in.. His was not as long as Daves but damn was it thick.. At this point im getting both my holes just absolutely used.. Doug is tearing up my hole and I am having to hold my breath so i could keep up with Dave skull fucking me.. then they decide to change up.. Dave sits on the sofa and pulls me on top of his cock.. I sit there riding his cock.. deep inside of me.. as he kisses my back.. Doug makes me suck on his cock the same way Dave was making me suck him.. SO HOT!!! i was in HEAVEN!! then they bring me up to the bed.. It was up high, above the table and sofa.. closer to the ceiling.. Doug puts me on my back and I put my legs up... we are so close to the ceiling i can touch it with my feet.. Doug does a hit of poppers .. and offers some to me.. I told him i had never done them b4 and he explains.. I give it a try and WOW what a fucking rush! He slams my hole harder and harder.. it was the most amazing feeling. then Dave buries his cock in my throat again.. I just LOVE having two cocks at once :) then Doug cums.. and pulls out.. Dave gets close and shoves his cock in me.. and blows his load.. and also makes me cum .. what a hot time I had.. but it was late and i had school in the morning..

well, a few weeks later, i get another call from Doug.. they are back in town :) I meet up with them later that night and we do it all over again.. That time they fuck me for at least 2 hours.. blowing several loads deep inside me.. never pulling out.. A month would go by and I would get a call from them.. telling me to get my ass over there and let them use it... this went on for at least 6 months.. and I was in cum slut heaven.

After about a year.. we lost contact...I graduated high school and decided to go into the military.. I passed every test and was sworn in... a week later i was called to the meps center... They told me I was HIV positive , and I could not serve for the military.. the rest is history , (I did however get back in touch with Doug a few years ago.. he told me him and Dave knew they were poz.. and they lied to me when i asked them their status) oh well, such is life.. so...I lived at home for another year, then moved about an hour away for school.. I still cruised the rest areas and truck stops.. now i was 18 and could hit up the bookstores.. I loved walking into a totally dark room .. bending over and taking cock.. damn those were the good ole days :)


  1. this may be a duplicate comment.... sorry if it is, but i don't think my other one posted.

    thanks for sharing your story bro, many of us got initiated into man sex the same way, cruising bathrooms and truck stops, while some of us had different outcomes.

    hopefully some kid will read your post and realize he isn't invincible!

    thanks again for the post stud!

  2. Thanks for that story man. I'm sorry they were poz and lied to you. You still have your whole life ahead of you.

  3. Thanks guys. I just put it all behind me. It was unfortunate what happened... but how it happened was damn hot :)

  4. interesting story, sad it happened like that but still - as to your other post - you shouldn't of done what you said in your other post.. breeding a young naive 21yr old's ass, not telling your status and still breeding him when he asked you not to cum in his hole.. its morally wrong, just because something unfortunate happened to you, doesn't give you the right to go doing that to others.. *reflexions of people justifying sexual abuse cos they were abused*

    I believe it would be a serious criminal case if someone was to get all this info together etc..